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Design Integrated Technology, Inc (DIT) manufactures CV Helicone Mixers for pharmaceutical, plastic, polymer, and chemical industries. Specializing in high viscosity applications up to 12 million centipoise. Ask us about refurbished or rental mixers we may have in stock.



CV (Cone Vertical)

SC (Single Cone)



The CV Model is a jacketed twin cone reactor that offers a unique mixing principle using intersecting dual helical-conical blades that intermesh throughout the conical envelope of the bowl.  It is designed to mix up to 12 million cps.  The CV is a low speed, medium shear style rector with excellent mix dispersement.  High viscosity polymerization and condensation reactions are routinely accomplished in Helicone mixers.

The CV is capable of full vacuum, pressure and temperature control, top loading and bottom discharging.  Variable blade speed is standard.  The powerful downward pumping action CV blades can forcibly extrude strands or full port discharge your mix.  The CV can be used as pre-mixers in a continuous process line to feed an extruder.

The CV has a unique mixing action using intersecting dual heliconical blades that intermesh throughout the conical envelope of the bowl.  The high rate of product turnover caused by the blades provides very efficient heat transfer capability.


  • Available in a variety of sizes (see charts)
  • Reactor capability
  • Unique mixing principle using intersecting vertical cones dual Helicone blades
  • Blades provide easy batch extrusion at the bottom of the bowl when pumping downward
  • Medium shear, high viscosity up to 12,000,000 cps
  • Wide range of batch sizes from 150 cc to 65 gal
  • Jacketed vessel for temperature control
  • Non-wetted mechanical seals for pressure/vacuum mixing


CV Mixer Brochure (.pdf)
CV Mixer Size Chart (.pdf)

2CV Mixer Specification Sheet (.pdf)
4CV Mixer Specification Sheet (.pdf)
8CV Mixer Specification Sheet (.pdf)
10CV Mixer Specification Sheet (.pdf)
65CV Mixer Specification Sheet (.pdf)

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CV Helicone Mix Flow


CV Helicone Blade
Helicone Blades

2CV Helicone Laboratory Mixer
2CV Mixer

4CV Helicone Mixer
4CV Mixer

10CV Helicone Mixer
10CV Mixer



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