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Design Integrated Technology, Inc (DIT) manufactures industrial mixers, blenders, reactors, and dryers for the pharmaceutical, plastics, polymers, chemicals, and food industries. We specialize in high viscosity applications. Ask us about refurbished or rental mixers we may have in stock.

Helicone Mixers   Sonic Mixers
The Helicone Mixer by DIT has been in production for over 40 years and comes in two models, the CV (Cone Vertical) and SC (Single Cone). The Helicones are highly specialized, multi-agitator mixers that lend themselves to a variety of applications utilized in many industries. Over 117 products have been patented using Helicone Mixers. These mixers typically outperform horizontal and vertical designs by reducing mixing time as much as 50%. Both the CV and SC are low speed, medium shear style reactors with excellent mix dispersement. High viscosity polymerization and condensation reactions are routinely accomplished in Helicone mixers. To learn more:

CV (Cone Vertical) Mixers
SC (Single Cone) Mixers

The Sonic Mixer is a powder blender that uses patented acoustic fluidization and linear motor technology to provide fast, efficient and thorough mixing. Laboratory size models are available off-the-shelf. Larger sizes are under development. This new technology is ideal for mixing a variety of materials including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, foods, cosmetics, ceramics, detergents, plastics, synthetic fibers and metal powders. Learn More...


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