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Design Integrated Technology, Inc (DIT) manufactures SC Helicone Mixers for pharmaceutical, plastic, polymer, chemical, and food industries. Specializing in high viscosity applications up to 3 million centipoise. Ask us about refurbished or rental mixers we may have in stock.



CV (Cone Vertical)

SC (Single Cone)



The SC model is a single conical design using two, separately driven blades. The outer blade consists of two helical-conical flights, 180deg apposed. The inner blade is a positive screw auger for mixing and lifting or discharging via its pumping action. The SC blades are designed to rotate independently, same direction or counter-rotate. Other blade configurations can be used in place of the inner auger such as a dispersion blade or high shear emulsifier head. Although the SC is designed to mix up to 3 million cps, it is also excellent for mixing slurries and dry powders, vacuum blending and drying.

The SC is capable of full vacuum, pressure and temperature control, top loading and bottom discharging.  Variable blade speed is standard.  The powerful downward pumping action SC blades can forcibly extrude strands or full port discharge your mix.  The SC can be used as a pre-mixer in a continuous process line to feed an extruder.  If you are having bridging problems feeding an extruder dry powders or mixing, multi-density materials, the SC will usually resolve these dilemmas.

The conical bowl provides about 1.5 times the surface area to volume relationship compared to a cylindrical bowl. The outer blade sweeps approximately 70% of the bowl volume every revolution.  This large area combined with the high rate of product turnover caused by the outer blade provides an unusually effective heat transfer capability as well as an accelerated evaporation rate if required. A thermocouple provides a continuous batch temperature reading which is so important to proper process control.


  • Short mix cycles
  • Excellent particle distribution, mixes varying particle size solids as well as a wide range of materials with varying liquid to solid ratios
  • Blade auger pumping force readily discharges viscous and dry materials
  • Assures complete mixing, blending and drying
  • Provides a large and effective heat transfer surface per unit of volume
  • ASME certified for internal pressure or vacuum conditions
  • Jacketed vessel for temperature control
  • Operates both as a batch and continuous mixer
  • Permits use of multiple mixing bowls for increased production and reduced cleaning time (optional)
  • Excellent scale-up lab to production
  • Adjustable blade to wall clearance (varies the shear rate)
  • Blades can be fitted with a bowl wall scraper (optional)
  • Operates as efficiently with a 25% batch size as with a full batch size

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High Sheer Model Info Coming Soon...

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SC Helicone Flow

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