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Design Integrated Technology, Inc (DIT) manufactures Sonic Mixers for powder based applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, and cosmetic industries.




Product Information


• 2 and 20 liter models.

• Acoustic fluidization creates a bubbling, high intensity mixing zone.
• Chamber shape focuses energy and produces circulation.
• Sonic power is provided by a tuned variable reluctance linear motor.

Mixing Effectiveness
• Wide range of powder sizes (<5 -750 µm) and densities.
• Excellent mixing to 2% RSD with spike levels down to 0.1%.
• Typical mix times 2:00 minutes or less.
• Chamber fill levels from less than 5% to greater than 75%.

Mixing Control
• Microcontroller based, menu driven blend intensity selection.
• Automatic blend timer.
• Linear power control.
• Customizable mix recipes.

Ease of Use Benefits
• Bladeless chamber gently mixes without damaging product.
• Efficient mixing with low heat generation.
• Secure chamber keeps powders in and contaminants out.
• Removable chambers provide easy storage, filling and emptying.
• Spare chambers for storage to minimize transfers and damage.
• Easy to clean bladeless chamber saves time and money .
• Captured gasket is easily replaced, but not easily lost.

• Non-contact, long life, bearing-free linear motor design.
• No rotary bearings or seals to contaminate or wear-out.
• Quality CNC manufacturing for consistency.


2L Sonic Mixer
2L Sonic Mixer

20L Sonic Mixer
20L Sonic Mixer

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