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Design Integrated Technology, Inc (DIT) manufactures the Crawford style MIL-STD-286 Strand Burner.


Test Cell

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The Strand Burner System is designed to measure the linear burn rate of solid fuel propellant via the Crawford style pulsed time method. All systems are designed for maximum safety and accuracy and reflect the original intent of MIL-STD-286. Data channels include time, pressure, and temperature. The system is remote actuated and monitored, combining safety with efficiency of design. The system is comprised of a remote control console, located in an operator control room, and a temperature controlled test cell pressurized by a valve rack located in an adjacent room. All systems are custom tailored to customer specifications and can meet pressures up to 30ksi and higher. Specific pressure and temperature ranges vary depending on requirements.

Remote Control Console with Data Acquisition
The console controls and monitors the firing process in real-time. In conjunction with the mounted controls, a computer is integrated into the system to allow for data acquisition.

High Pressure Systems
These systems can be either gas or hydraulically pressurized and can test samples exceeding 30,000 psi.

Standard Crawford Bomb System - MIL-STD-286
MIL-STD-286 Style integrating advanced instrumentation and remote data acquisition & control resulting in increased accuracy and safety. Break wire timing method is standard. Systems can be designed for 5,000-30,000 psi at -65 to +180 F. All systems are tailored to customer requirements.


Control Console
Strand Burner Console






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