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Design Integrated Technology, Inc (DIT) manufactures Vacuum Stability Test Devices designed to meet NATO Stanag 4556.



The Vacuum Stability Test Device, also known as VTS (Vacuum Thermal Stability), is designed to meet NATO Stanag 4556 Edition 1, Procedure 2. Eliminating the use of the toxic substance mercury. The system is capable of expansion, able to test multiple samples at a time.

The 12 Sample System consists of the following components:

  • NEMA 4 Industrial Control Console w/ PLC
  • Electrically heated Aluminum Block with a two RTD's
  • Block housing including insulation to minimize temperature gradients.
  • Digital temperature controller with auto tune and ramping features. Capable of controlling temperature to: .2 C.
  • Glass sample tubes capable of being fitted to transducers that allows a free volume of 25 cm 2 cm .
  • Pressure transducers capable of detection of volume variations of .02 cm , per NATO specs.

PLC data collection system:

  • Captures time, pressure, temperature, and other user data
  • Data transfer to computer
  • Export to Excel Spreadsheet

Vacuum Stability Test Device

Vacuum Stability Test Device

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